Conference discussions

Slides from some selected formal discussions:

Discussion of "Inflation Dynamics and the Great Recession: An Update" by Indra Astrayuda, Laurence Ball, and Sandeep Mazumder. Workshop on "Inflation, Unemployment and Monetary Policy", Sveriges Riksbank. Stockholm, February 2013.

Discussion of "Falling Behind the Curve: A Positive Analysis of Stop-Start Policies and the Great Inflation" by Andrew Levin and John B. Taylor. The 7th Norges Bank Monetary Policy Conference: On the use of simple rules as guidelines for policy decisions. Oslo, June 2010.

Discussion of "Do Sticky Prices Make Sense?" by Nils Gottfries and Johan Söderberg. The 3rd Oslo Workshop on Monetary Policy, June 2008.

Discussion of "Communicating monetary policy when the MPC members believe in different stories" by Carl Andreas Claussen and Øistein Røisland. 3rd Banca d'Italia-CEPR Conference on Money, Banking and Finance Monetary Policy Design and Communication. Rome, September 2007.

Discussion of "Asset Prices and Monetary Policy" by Masashi Saito and Ichiro Fukunaga. Central Bank Workshop on Macroeconomic Modelling 2007, September 2007, Central Bank of Norway.

Discussion of "Optimal Monetary Policy with an Uncertain Cost Channel" by Peter Tillmann. The 2nd Oslo Workshop on Monetary Policy, June 2007.

Discussion of "Optimal Inflation Stabilization in a Medium-Scale Macroeconomic Model" by Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe. CEPR/Dutch Central Bank Conference in Amsterdam, June 2006.

Discussion of "Løn, konkurrenceevne og betalingsbalance" by Niels C. Beier and Erik H. Pedersen, Danmarks Nationalbank (in Danish). EPRU Conference at University of Copenhagen, November 2005.