Conference discussions

Discussion of "Inflation Dynamics and the Great Recession: An Update" by Indra Astrayuda, Laurence Ball, and Sandeep Mazumder. Workshop on "Inflation, Unemployment and Monetary Policy", Sveriges Riksbank. Stockholm, February 2013 ( 615 Kb).

Discussion of "Falling Behind the Curve: A Positive Analysis of Stop-Start Policies and the Great Inflation" by Andrew Levin and John B. Taylor. The 7th Norges Bank Monetary Policy Conference: On the use of simple rules as guidelines for policy decisions. Oslo, June 2010 ( 100 Kb).

Discussion of "Do Sticky Prices Make Sense?" by Nils Gottfries and Johan Söderberg. The 3rd Oslo Workshop on Monetary Policy, June 2008 ( 105 Kb).

Discussion of "Communicating monetary policy when the MPC members believe in different stories" by Carl Andreas Claussen and Øistein Røisland. 3rd Banca d'Italia-CEPR Conference on Money, Banking and Finance Monetary Policy Design and Communication. Rome, September 2007 ( 100 Kb).

Discussion of "Asset Prices and Monetary Policy" by Masashi Saito and Ichiro Fukunaga. Central Bank Workshop on Macroeconomic Modelling 2007, September 2007, Central Bank of Norway ( 86 Kb).

Discussion of "Optimal Monetary Policy with an Uncertain Cost Channel" by Peter Tillmann. The 2nd Oslo Workshop on Monetary Policy, June 2007 ( 85 Kb).

Discussion of "Optimal Inflation Stabilization in a Medium-Scale Macroeconomic Model" by Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe. CEPR/Dutch Central Bank Conference in Amsterdam, June 2006 ( 46 Kb).

Discussion of "Løn, konkurrenceevne og betalingsbalance" by Niels C. Beier and Erik H. Pedersen, Danmarks Nationalbank (in Danish). EPRU Conference at University of Copenhagen, November 2005 ( 158 Kb).

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