Following the 2003 University Law, university teachers and researchers are required to communicate academic knowledge to the public. Indeed, communication is viewed as being as important as research and teaching.

Here, I will post some of my endeavors into this area. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your taste, most will be in Danish. For a look at my most important communication of academic knowledge, however, please go to my teaching page.

Newspaper articles

"Tag magten fra politikerne! - En succeshistorie om den lange vej fra grundforskning til anvendelse" Information, May 9, 2007.

"Samfundsøkonomiske stråmænd" Information, November 14, 2007. Comment on an article by Jesper Jespersen in Information, November 9, which can be viewed here. Jesper Jespersen published a rebuttal to my comment on November 19, which can be viewed (by subscribers) hereit also contains my web-reponse to his rebuttal (this can also be found here).

"Homer Simpson, Bush og slaget om finanskrisen" Information, October 3, 2008. On some issues pertaining to the financial crises brought up in an editorial using Lisa Simpson as a metaphor. I picked up my favorite Homer in the piece.

"Efter væksten kommer fordommene?" Information, April 19, 2010 (without the "?" in the title). Some comments on an editorial on growth and the environment. The newspaper's web-version, including numerous, occasionally vile, reader comments, can be accessed here. The day after, my comment and the reader reactions were the subject of a funny article by Ejvind Larsen called "Økonomer er ikke idioter".

"Efter væksten: Et efterskrift" Information, April 28, 2010. A follow up on many reader comments, which the newspaper nicely allowed me to publish. As I have written elsewhere, it is a decent newspaper! The newspaper's web-version of the article, including reader comments, can be accessed here.

"Faglighed tak - ikke farver!" Information, June 10, 2011. On the need for non-politicized economic advise and the superiority of scientific results over well-meaning chit-chat.

"Sparepolitik, fejl, moral og misbrug." Information, May 3, 2013. Article on the Reinhart-Rogoff computing mistake and its minor and larger implications.

Other stuff

"Forskning på (tilgængelig) tid – ikke på køn" Comment on an error-ridden editorial on gender discrimination in the hiring processes on universities in the newspaper Information, 27 August, 2007. The comment was not accepted for print due to "space considerations." I managed, however, to put in in onto the web-version of the newpaper here.

"Visne mænd og troværdighed." Comment on an article by Christen Sørensen in Information, 9 April, 2008. Unpublished, but posted on the web-version of the newspaper here.


"75.500.000.000 kroner – lige ned i kassekreditten", UGEBREVET A4, Nr. 21, 9. juni, 2008 (interview for article on public debt issues).

"Professor: Krugman enestående formidler", Information, 16. oktober, 2008 (comments on Paul Krugman getting the Nobel).

"Efter krisen. Er økonomerne blevet klogere?" RÆSON #13, 28. april, 2010 (interview on macroeconomics after the 2010 NET conference).

"Kan vi regne med fortsat vækst?" Berlingske Tidende, 29 October, 2012 (interview with Lars Erik Skovaard on economic growth; pay to view.)

"Keine Angst vor negativen Zinsen", Die Welt, 6 June, 2013 (interview on the possibility of negative deposit rates by the ECB; in German).

"Organisation advarer mod opkøbsivrige centralbanker" Information, 28 June, 2013 (interview on the ECB's public debt purchases).

"Er central-bankerne vores sidste redning?" Information, 7/8 September, 2013 (interview on the current role of central banks).


Public lectures

"Økonomiske ”forecasts” og fremskrivninger: Hvad kan økonomer egentlig?" (pdf, 1 Mb) A lecture on economists' inherent inability to foresee the future with perfection given at DJØF on December 1, 2009.

"ECB, troværdighed og gældskriser". Foredrag for Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge 21. marts, 2013, Københavns Universitet

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